About The Canvas

The pandemic has changed everything, and the world as we knew it will most likely never return. But while we can mourn this, and should (I'm not dismissing the losses), my way - and The Canvas way - is to seek the positives.

Community spirit, generosity, neighborhood cohesion; these have all burgeoned in the past 2 years. Shopping locally, supporting small business; these are now higher on agendas than before.

But the need is greater than it was, across all areas. People are struggling financially, physically, mentally.


I built The Canvas to be a space where humans could be amazing, and where humanity and kindness were championed and celebrated. Even though we've been a victim of the pandemic, we've also strived to provide aid where we can. Thanks to Double Helpings with Gilbert and George we've so far provided +8000 home cooked meals to some of Tower Hamlets' most vulnerable residents. 

We continue to provide hundreds of free meals to local community groups, housing associations and schools, as well as (new to 2022) free training and educational opportunities for local people to gain new skills and qualifications to take stronger steps out of covid.

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Ruth Rogers,
The Canvas founder


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